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We are all in this together, we will rise or fall as one.

— John Barnard

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AMAZING video series “Down the Rabbit Hole” with Deepak Chopra. Here’s my favorite episode so far: What is Consciousness? Our existence and everything we experience is dependent on our consciousness. But what is consciousness? Using original animations, Deepak Chopra addresses the age-old question of what conceives, governs, constructs, and becomes the universe around us. 

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Never forget where you came from


-Anon I mus

If only it were this easy…

What does Waking up Really Mean?

What is waking up?  How do I know if I am awake?

If you are familiar with our site and sites like it you may have heard this term “Waking up”.  We hear about all the signs and symptoms of waking up but do we know what it is to actually BE awake?

Lets start with defining what we are talking about and then we will go into what it means on a spiritual level.

If you type “Define Awake” into Google you should see something similar to the picture below.


Lets see how these definitions help us narrow down what we mean when we say waking up or to be awake spiritually.

1. Stop sleeping; awake from sleep

What does it mean to be spiritually asleep?  If you have watched the Spirit Science series or are familiar with the procession of the equinox you will see that we have been asleep as a planet for a very long time.  What this means is that our level of awareness about the connections all around us has declined to a point where we feel separate from everyone and everything around us.

2. Cause (Someone) to Wake from Sleep

Waking up spiritually, in its more basic terms would be to recognize with your whole being your connection to everyone and everything around you.  This is often referred to as the mystical experience as described by Alan Watts.

3. Regain Consciousness

Regaining consciousness is to remember that we have always been connected with the oneness of the universe.  This is important because it can help us recognize how the mistreatment of others is no different then cutting off your left hand or to poke out one of your eyes.

4. To become AWARE of; come to the realization of

There are many levels of awareness that come with waking up and ultimately being awake.

  • Some people are born awake and remain awake during their lives. This is very rare but not unheard of.  It is theorized that if a child is nurtured with awareness it will be more aware and able to to stay awake.
  • Catalysts such as events can also cause an awakening within a person.  Powerful transformation doesn’t have to be painful but for some it does come with a lot of pain.  Some people speed up their awakening process when they experience a powerful trauma or are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

5. Make or become Active again

This is one of the most powerful insights for recognizing an awakened soul that has not only woken up but has been able to maintain the vibration of being awake.  It is action.  What do they DO now that they are awake?  What are the fruits of their labors?   Once a soul realizes that everything is connected, as above so below, they must decide what their work or impact on existence is going to be.

As you strive to learn more and gain in levels of awareness I strongly urge you to set up a powerful support structure of people who love you and are seeking the same thing that you are.  Waking up is a powerful experience that will change everything about who you are and how you feel about things.  It is important to have people around you that are supportive and nurturing to your growth.

Although waking up is one of the most beautiful and powerful things a soul can go through it can also bring a lot of frustration.  Frustration with the boxes that society exists within and feeling the connections to the suffering of others here on earth can be overwhelming.  If you are engaged in waking up or seeking someones assistance in this process please make sure there is a plan or support structure in place to help you deal with the new vibrations that you will remember your connected to.

We are working very hard to create programs to assist all with the awakening process.  We are also striving to co-create a better world for everyone.  Help us by sharing your awareness and encourage others to remember that we are all connected.

We love you and thank you for reading,


Spirit Team

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1. Love is not a feeling, it is not one night that takes your breath away, it never chains you down, it is not constant happiness, it is nowhere near perfect. If you must reduce yourself to achieve it, it is not true.

2.Love is sacrifice, love is hard, love is compromise, love is doing the dishes for your mom without her asking, love is making sure your significant other gets home safe, love helps you fly.

3. Never make anyone into your savior because it doesn’t work. Only you can control your happiness, you will always be there for yourself.

4. Always ask for help or talk to someone if you need it. The ones who love you will understand, they only want to see you happy.

5. Never feel ashamed for changing yourself. Sometimes people won’t like it. Sometimes people will criticize you for it. But if you are moving towards who you really want to be, those people will either accept it or leave.

6. Never be ashamed to practice your faith. We all need something to believe in.

7. If you feel sad, do something you are passionate about. If you feel happy, do something you are passionate about. Paint, run, swim, dance, sing, call a friend, do service work. Life is short, why not throw yourself into something fun?

8. It seems like the end of the world now, but it really isn’t.

9. Look through other people’s points of view first. Don’t be set on an opinion without knowing the facts of both sides. Once you understand; then you are allowed to shout how you feel to the world.

10. You are beautiful; physically, mentally, in worth, in spirit, in soul. Once you realize that, you can become whoever you want to be.

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Love is the bridge between you & everything.

— Rumi (via loveinspireuniversally)


It’s a very sad day and great loss to all. So many of Robin Williams films that can be enjoyed by children. Take sometime and sit down with your kids, watch something starring this incredible man - Aladdin, Night At The Museum, Bicentennial Man, Jumanji, Mrs Doubtfire too name but a few. 

No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.

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