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Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.

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For my whole life, I’ve had my walls built up. I’ve been numb to the cruel facts that millions of people are living in poverty, that we are polluting our planet, that we are depleting the world’s natural resources faster than we can replace them, etc. But this weekend those walls came crashing down for the first time. I burst into tears, the type you have that just won’t stop. The guilt and sadness I felt were overwhelming. In those moments, I consciously recognized that I’m not separate from these problems, and honestly, that I never was. 

That experience was a lifetime in the making. All of my past experiences led me to that point, where I could really feel for the first time the impact of my choices and the collective choices of our society. Although it was one of the lowest points of my life, it was refreshing, and well needed. It was eye-opening. It was a wake up call. I encourage you, not to bawl your eyes out like I did necessarily, but to take a few minutes to let the problems that our society faces (inequality, poverty, corruption, unemployment, etc.) take control of your emotions. Feel them. Let them break down your walls.

I feel very blessed to have had that experience, and I hope you’ve had a similar one or will eventually have one in the near future. Because of that experience, I can no longer ignore the implications of my actions or advocate for anything other than what’s best for all people and all life on Earth. I hope you’ll join me in doing the same. Furthermore, I hope you see, like I do, that a lot of things need to change, and the time for change is now.

He lays the facts down so hard it’s ridiculous.


The quality of your life is based on the your thoughts being in sync with your desires. Thoughts are things. Feel as if your desire has been met and it will manifest. #oneness #universe #source #lawofattraction


We are here to awaken from the illusion for our separateness #onelove #oneness #awakening #awareness #allone #love #self #soul #spirit #spirituality #spiritualawakening #spiritualawareness #spiritualaffirmation #om #namaste

The Earth is what gives us the experience of being human. it gives us the possibility of entering the physical plane; it gives us nutrition and the opportunity for our soul to grow through our experiences here.

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Walking Meetings? 5 Surprising Thinkers Who Swore By Them

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Liberate yourself from the illusion of culture. Take responsibility for what you think and what you do.


When one is tortured by the outside reality, in despair of having seen everything and found nothing, you are bound to turn inward ~Buddha

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